Harnessing the potential

“Everyone has great expectations for Bein Hazmanim, but without a proper framework it’s worthless. With these sedarim, they can actually become reality.” 

– R’ Tzvi Silverman

When Bein Hazmanim comes around, there’s a feeling of endless possibilities of growth in limud haTorah.

Then it actually begins – and so do the interruptions, schedule changes and obligations. Sigh.

Without the framework of the zman, it’s a constant struggle to get in any organized learning amid the Sukkah-building, matza-checking and trip-taking (and let’s not forget that the kids have vacation too…)

Sure, Bein Hazmanim is meant to have a more flexible schedule. But that doesn’t have to mean giving up on your learning goals.

Growth in learning is an important component of our kehila’s character, and that includes Bein Hazmanim. But we realize that it’s not easy, and that’s why we created special sedarim during these less-structured times of the year:

  • Tishrei
    Once the urgency of selecting arba minim and building the sukkah has passed, Chol Hamoed Sukkos ushers in a (slightly) slower pace. This two-hour daily seder adds structure to Chol Hamoed learning and continues through the last week of Tishrei.
    $360 per day DONATE ➔
  • Hoshana Rabba
    This seder on leil Hoshana Rabba is a last-minute opportunity to add zechuyos before the g’mar din.
    $1800, $50 per avreich DONATE ➔
  • Chanuka
    Avreichim spend time with their families after lighting the menorah and then join us later for almost two hours of learning. These sedarim offer extra motivation for avreichim to finish second seder, which often gets lost amidst the dreidel-spinning and mesibos.
    $500 per night DONATE ➔
    $250 per half day DONATE ➔
  • Purim
    Avreichim have the opportunity to tap into the koach of Purim by learning for at least an hour on Purim night, before the following busy day. 
    $1800; $50 per avreich DONATE ➔
  • Pre-Pesach
    The first 2 weeks of Nissan are an intense blur of cleaning, kashering and keeping the ever-helpful troops out of Mommy’s way. Where does learning fit in? Right after the netz minyan. Avreichim can get a solid two-hour seder in before going home to scour the stove. (Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds?) 
    $720 per day DONATE ➔
    $360 per half a day DONATE ➔
  • Nissan Bein Hazmanim
    Far from slacking off once the hustle and bustle of Pesach has passed, avreichim prepare for the upcoming Summer Zman by learning for two hours each morning during Chol Hamoed and the final week of Nissan.
    $360 per day DONATE ➔
  • Summer Bein Hazmanim
    Ahhh, the endless possibilities of summer; a well-deserved three-week break, lots of time to fix up the house, and plenty of time for trips…after a good two to three hours of learning, post-Shacharis each morning (including Erev Shabbos and Shabbos!)
    $500 per day DONATE ➔
    $250 per half day DONATE ➔

“When our washing machine stopped working, my wife and I decided to give $100 to the Bein Hazmanim kollel. Guess what; it started working again!”


Consistent growth

Daily Sedarim

  • Kollel Boker
    This meaningful half-hour seder after davening starts each day off properly, and is one of the main attractions for those who daven Shacharis in Minyan Avreichim.
    $1200 per month; $300 per week; $80 per avreich DONATE ➔
  • Mussar Kollel
    This powerful Mussar seder can be kept anywhere, at any time, to accommodate everyone’s varying schedules. Avreichim spend twenty straight minutes concentrating on Mussar, which makes the rest of their learning, and overall Avodas H-shem, even more focused.
    $500 per month; $50 per avreich DONATE ➔