Nshei Sanhedria Murchevet

Warm and welcoming

Moving to a new neighborhood, let alone a new country, is overwhelming. Many women arrive as newlyweds, far from family and friends. They start from scratch, finding their place in the community while setting up a new home with foreign ingredients and unfamiliar appliances. 

Nshei representatives around the neighborhood keep an eye out for newcomers so we can give them a proper welcome and help ease their way, especially in the beginning.

Nshei get-togethers

  • Nshei Sanhedria Murchevet hosts gatherings throughout the year, giving local women a chance to get to know each other while enjoying a night out. 
  • Fun evenings include our annual kumzits, a comedy skit before Purim, the Pre-Shavuos Food Fair, and other events designed to give women a chance to meet their neighbors.
  • The Nshei Melave Malka is our yearly celebration of  the support and friendship that characterizes our community. It draws a large crowd of local women, who come to hear divrei chizuk, enter the Chinese auction, and enjoy the choir and comedy skit prepared by our neighbors and friends.

Nshei Newsletter

The Nshei News comes out every other month and helps keep everyone in the know. It arrives in mailboxes, filled with mazel tovs, a variety of articles – both inspirational and funny, updates on community initiatives and recipes to try.

  • Sign up by contacting Leah Muller at mullersl@neto.net.il.

Other Nshei Programs