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Nobody should feel like they’re going it alone.

Hands down, the Akeres Habayis is the busiest coordinator in the home. Meal planner, shopper, food preparer; yes, they handle a lot. Here in Eretz Yisroel, most Anglo women don’t even have their mothers or sisters around the corner to fall back on.

But what happens when a family is faced with a crisis? 

  • A mother on bedrest
  • A child in the hospital
  • A family sitting shiva
  • A new baby (they’re not all sad crises, b”H!)

Whether it’s a sudden emergency, an ongoing medical situation or a simcha in the home, Nshei Cares steps in to keep daily life running as smoothly as possible, even when life turns decidedly un-smooth. 

We even have a gmach for chicken.

Our coordinators contact the many dedicated volunteers in the neighborhood to organize suppers, food for Shabbos and even arrange for delivery so the family can focus on more pressing matters. We even have a Chicken G’mach which supplies frozen chickens for volunteers to prepare for Shabbos meals. 

We’ll keep it quiet.

For more private situations, we have a system in place so meals can be prepared and delivered without the giver or receiver needing to know who else was involved. 

How YOU can help

Let us know

about families in the neighborhood who are going through a hard time so we can be there for them.

Call 02-582-6362 OR 077-518-7689


to prepare of deliver meals

Call  077-518-7689

money to our chicken gemach

We’ll take chickens or meat too!

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