Keren Yotzei Chul

“The Have-Nots giving the Have-Nots”


Some members are able to donate generously to tzedaka.
Others wish they could, but don’t have the means.

What good will $28.54 in maaser money do? 

Plenty, actually.

In 2007, an avreich approached the Rav with the idea of pooling the individual maaser amounts of community members to create a larger fund for supporting needy families in our kehila and neighborhood. Rav Berkovits was enthusiastic in his support, referring to the kupa as “the Have-Nots giving the Have-nots”, and Keren Yotzei Chul was born.

That fledgling initiative has evolved over the years into a fully-developed tzedaka organization whose goal is to make sure no family is overlooked and left to struggle on its own.

An Ounce of Prevention

Many financial crises start out small.

  • A family has a small gap in their monthly budget
  • A spouse is out of a job for a few months
  • A financial loss plays havoc with a tight budget
  • A family gets hit with a big, unexpected bill.

Often, a one-time loan can act as a crucial stopgap that gives the family a chance to rally and set things to rights.

The thing is, these mini-crises either slip under the communal radar or are dwarfed by tougher situations. The opportunity is lost, things snowball, and by the time others get involved they’re dealing with a full-blown financial disaster.

There’s a real need for a tzedaka fund that takes care of the small issues before they morph into catastrophes. In our community, that need is filled by Keren Yotzei Chul.

Filling the gaps on Yom Tov and year-round

Sukkos and Pesach usher in a festive atmosphere…and plenty of big bills. Many local families manage to pay their bills throughout the year but when these expensive seasons roll around, they find themselves floundering. Keren Yotzei Chul runs a bi-annual tzedaka drive so they can assist additional families during Tishrei and Nisan, ensuring that everyone in the kehila can experience true simchas Yom Tov. The Rav also collects matanos l’evyonim, which he personally distributes on Purim day.

Throughout the year as well, the kupa, via Rav Berkovits, distributes monthly stipends to families with small gaps in their budgets. The money may cover groceries, speech therapy, or tuition. Other families are helped on a one-time basis for sudden expenses such as home repairs, appliance purchases, taxis to the hospital, and even simcha expenses. 

To date, millions of shekalim have been distributed to families in need. Funds are given out in a way that preserves the privacy and dignity of the recipients, and helps them stay afloat, or get back on their feet entirely.

Why donate to Keren Yotzei Chul?

  • We’re supervised by Rav Berkovits, shlita
    The Rav distributes all funds and paskens any related shaylos.
  • We have no overhead
    Aside from printing and related expenses, Keren Yotzei Chul has no overhead expenses. All our “employees” work on a volunteer basis.
  • We benefit local families
    All funds go directly to the English speaking community of Sanhedria Murchevet or kehilas Minyan Avreichim, helping you fulfill the obligation of “aniyei ircha.”