About Us

Our Shul

Minyan Avreichim was started in 2003 by a group of English-speaking bnei Torah in Sanhedria Murchevet who were looking for a more familiar shul environment. This small group wanted a place where they could focus on growing in their avodas Hashem; where they didn’t need to pull out a dictionary just to make small talk with fellow mispalelim. They started their minyan in a vacant bomb shelter in building 107 and Anglos came by the dozens, eager to join a kehila where they felt at home. 


When the much larger beis medrash in Knesses Yehuda became available, our kehila moved in and never looked back. 

Families join our shul because they want:

  • Positive peer pressure
  • A framework for growth
  • Chizuk and guidance

Not to mention all the amenities of a chutznik minyan:

  • A familiar language and culture
  • A group of people who know where you’re coming from
  • Second day minyanim

Guidance from the Rav

Moreinu Harav Yitzchak Berkovits shlit”a is the mainstay of our shul. He sets the bar high and keeps nudging it higher. Our kehila has unique guidance from a rav who is:

Rav Berkovits invests in our members on a personal level and shows us what we’re really capable of. He expects us to maximize our potential, whether in learning, avodas hamidos or our achrayus to the klal. 

And that connection lasts, no matter how far away we move or how long it’s been since we last spoke with him.

Our assistant rav

Today, Minyan Avreichim is full-to-bursting.

There’s a steady stream of newcomers who are attracted by the warm, idealistic atmosphere for which the Sanhedria Murchevet Anglo community is famous. 

This tremendous growth has created a greater demand for guidance and opportunities to ask shailos. In order to meet the increasing needs of our members, we recently appointed Rav Yosef Friedman shlit”a, as our assistant rav

Rav Friedman is no newcomer to the community. He has been answering shailos and giving shiurim in the neighborhood for a number of years, and we are grateful for his assuming this position in an official capacity.

A Walk Around the Neighborhood

You’re still connected

You’ve been a part of the shul’s growth, and Minyan Avreichim has been part of your growth. But that isn’t an idealistic dream from years past. You’re still growing. You still want to stay focused on the real things in life. You want to stay connected to the special Minyan Avreichim atmosphere, and you can. 

Because you never really left.

Keep your bond with the kehila strong.

And let us know next time you’ll be in the neighborhood; we’d love to see you!