Minyan Avreichim

As if you never left

Keep your connection with the kehila strong.

Part of Who You Are

Those years in Sanhedria Murchevet? They changed you. Growing along with our kehila makes a lasting impact.

  • You’re BIGGER.
  • You’re tuned in to what’s REAL IN LIFE.

And you’re still part of our kehila; still growing with us.

Recent Simchos

Mazal Tov To R’ Aharon Menachem Krumbein on the birth of a baby girl!

Mazal Tov To R’ Yochanan David on the birth of a baby boy!

Mazal Tov To R’ Ezrah Halle on the birth of twins!

Mazal Tov To Rav Yehudah Baum on the engagement of his daughter!

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